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    “I have long admired Sylvia’s warmth and energy, her generosity of spirit and love of her work. She's an excellent, confident coach and trainer, lighting up a room with her inspiring … [Continue Reading]

    Talent Dynamics Workshops


Are you maximising the talent in your organisation?

Are you showing your appreciation for the inherent talent in your team?

Are your people expected to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’ resulting in being ‘Masters of None’?

GALLUP POLLS show that at least 80% of British workers are not playing to their strengths at work resulting in;

· Dis-engagement
· Reduced productivity
· Minimal profitability

Sylvia Baldock offers powerful team collaboration and engagement sessions which clearly identify the different strengths and operating styles of individuals and how to harness those strengths to maximise the impact of the team.

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Professional Speaking

A passionate and inspiring speaker who captures the hearts and minds of her audience.

Sylvia is a member of the Professional Speaking Association and a regular speaker on the events and conference circuit.

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Powerful Workshops

Massive Momentum is being achieved through Talent Dynamics Business & Personal Growth Days
“The best workshop ever! Really inspiring and thought provoking day.” Major shifts occur and delegates gain much greater clarity on their natural strengths, challenges and what to focus on to play to those strengths, be much more effective and live life in ‘FLOW’. Read more…

‘Flow’ is the path of least resistance, it is described as the natural unfolding of our lives into wholeness and harmony and it occurs when we are using our natural talents to do what we do best. When we are doing the things that we love doing and that we do well, we have a feeling of being really on purpose, an energised focus and total alignment with the task in hand. We can lose all track of time and at the end of the day we feel the deep satisfaction of a job well done.

talent dynamics profilesThere are eight talent Dynamics profiles. So a great place to start would be to learn your profile NOW.

What others are saying about Sylvia!

“Sylvia is amazing- she gets the best out of people and really knows what to do and say to help you become ....just better!”

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Harmonizing Alignment Process

This life-changing programme re-connects you with who you are at your core to unlock your true potential.

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Exceptional multilevel programme combining face to face coaching with an online pathway inspiring high performance in self and others.

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